Bikini vs. Brazilians: What's the Difference?


We work in a salon so we hear these terms every day, so sometimes we forget that people may not know what they mean! Bikini, extended bikini, landing strips, full brazilians, they can all start to get a little confusing. If you aren’t familiar with the terms, you probably won’t know what to ask for! That’s okay, we’d be more than happy to help you figure out if you’re looking for a brazilian vs. bikini. If you would rather know what you are getting into beforehand however, read on and we will explain it all!




So, let’s start with the bikini, also sometimes called the bikini line. This one is probably the simplest to figure out. Put on a bathing suit, now, any hair you can see is removed! Here at the LILYBAR, we call this the Cala Lily- ‘Just enough off the sides for no peek-a-boos. Includes tummy up to belly button + inner thigh.’


Bikini Plus:

You may also know of this as the extended bikini. So what is it? Well, this includes the bikini listed above. However, we will then continue on to remove the hair until there is only a strip about two finger-widths left in the middle. (you may know this as a landing strip)  Here at the LILYBAR, we refer to this as the White Lily- ‘Everything removed, but a two finger width of hair left all the way down.’


Full Brazilian:

This is the full deal. Every hair will be removed from the entire area. Or, you can also choose to leave a small patch up top if that is how you prefer it. Here at the LILYBAR, we call this the Tiger Lily-Every hair removed, the front ,the back, and everything in-between.  A strip can be left up top if so desired.’






So which will you choose in the choice of bikini vs. brazilian?


We hope this blog helped clear up some of the differences for you. All the different names floating around can get confusing, so if you are unsure, just tell your sugarist where you want the hair removed and just forgo the labels all together!




At the LILYBAR, your Lily is just as important to us as it is to you!  Lily’s are our specialty. With thousands of Brazilian services done we have perfected our technique to give you the best possible experience, turning you into a LILYBAR (and Brazilian) addict!