Langley Sugaring's Newest Salon, The Lily Bar!

Hello everyone! We wanted to give you all a more thorough introduction about us and our Langley sugaring salon, The Lily Bar.


The Lily Bar opened its doors in Langley on September 27, 2018. Since then we have spent five great months helping sugaring get on the map in our beautiful city.

We completely believe that sugaring is the best form of hair removal. That is why we have dedicated our lives to helping other Langley women discover what sugaring can do for them.


Have you tried sugaring? If not, and you live near Langley, we have a treat for you! Come give sugaring a try and see what our all-natural, gentle form of hair removal can do for you. 


A little bit about our founders, Elena and Joanna:


Elena started off her career as an esthetician. 15 years ago she was introduced to sugaring and it completely changed the direction of her life. She started producing her own line of sugar, as well as training young sugaring practitioners across the country. She realized how impactful sugaring could be, helping women with sensitive skin, or prone to ingrown's find a gentler form of hair removal. She now specializes in brazilians and has done way more than she can count throughout her career.  She strives to make every experience as comfortable and pain-free as she can for each and every person who enters her room.


Joanna also has a long background in both business and esthetics. She owned her own business, Opulence bath and body, previously and has studied at the Canadian electrolysis college, where she completed her certification in electrolysis, thermolysis, and blend. Upon meeting Elena, Joanna was introduced to sugaring and realized the huge potential sugaring had to impact women's lives in Langley and throughout, BC. The two then teamed up to start their own Langley sugaring salon, and The Lily Bar was born.


Do you live in Langley, have you tried sugaring? If not,  it's time to book yourself into the newest Langley sugaring salon and see for yourself the difference sugaring can make!