Sugar Waxing vs Sugaring: Are They the Same?


Have you ever been looking for a salon that does sugaring and thought that you found one, only to get there and find that they are essentially just waxing? As confusing as it might sound, sugaring and sugar waxing ARE NOT THE SAME THING! Read on and we will explain the differences between the two.


Sugar Waxing:

Sugar waxing is simply a version of waxing. However, it is done with a wax that is very similar to sugar paste. These sugar waxes can include additional ingredients, but for the most part they are similar to sugar paste in that they are made of only all-natural ingredients. (usually lemon, sugar and water)

But don't be fooled! This is where the similarities end. Sugar waxing is done in the exact same fashion as normal waxing. The sugar wax is heated up and applied to the area in the direction of growth. A waxing strip is then applied and removed in the opposite direction of hair growth, just as in normal waxing.



Sugaring on the other hand is done with a slightly warm sugar paste. This paste is applied in the opposite direction of hair-growth and removed with the direction of growth. This leads to less breakage and can leave you feeling smoother for longer than waxing would.


Sugar Waxing vs Sugaring: Which is Better?

Though it is great that an all-natural organic substitute is being used instead of normal wax, you still lose out on a variety of benefits when you choose sugar waxing over sugaring.


The Benefits of Sugaring Include:

1. Slightly above room temperature when applied: Since the temperature is only slightly warm, there is no chance of burning yourself using sugar compared to wax.

2. No chance of Double Dipping: There is nothing to re-use when it comes to sugaring. Sugar waxing however, has the same risk of double-dipping that waxing does.

3. Removal in the direction of growth: When sugaring you remove in the direction of growth, leading to less breakage.


Interested in learning more of these benefits and how sugar competes with wax? Check out our previous blog post, 'The Benefits of Sugaring' for an in-depth comparison.


Benefits of Sugar Waxing Compared to Normal Waxing:

1. The sugar only sticks to dead skin cells: Just like sugaring, sugar wax only adheres to dead skin cells. This leaves you less irritated then with normal waxing and gives you a nice, gentle exfoliation.

2. Easy to Clean off: Another advantage of sugar waxing is the ease of cleaning. Since the sugar wax is water soluble it is easily removed with a warm cloth. No special oils or remover is necessary, unlike with normal wax.



Some great benefits are lost when sugar waxing instead of sugaring. However, sugar waxing comes with more benefits then waxing does. Overall, we choose sugaring every time, but, if there isn’t a sugaring salon close to you, sugar waxing is a good compromise!