How To Slow Down Unwanted Hair Growth


 Ladies, we’ve all had some long dark hairs sprout out of nowhere, in places that we’d rather they didn’t! It’s completely normal and happens to us all at some point! Our hair grows at different speeds depending on various things going on in our lives. For example, when pregnant your hair will grow faster, thicker, and possibly in places, it didn’t grow before! But don’t worry! We’ve got you, girl! Read on as we list six different ways you can slow down unwanted hair growth naturally.


Cut back on sugary foods:


Insulin resistance is linked to excessive hair growth. By cutting back on sugar you avoid blood sugar spikes, which not only helps control unwanted hair growth but will also help protect you from various other diseases that are linked to consuming too much sugar.


Boost your vitamin B6 intake:


Vitamin B6 allows your body to break down starches more efficiently, as well as regulating your glucose levels, therefore minimizing unwanted hair growth. By eating more salmon, turkey, beef, chicken, halibut, broccoli, tomatoes, bell peppers, and carrots, you can up the amount of this ever-important vitamin you get.


Vitamin E:


Another important vitamin for regulating hair growth is vitamin E. Vitamin E helps rid the body of androgen, a male hormone that is found in small amounts in women as well. Large amounts of androgen in women can lead to excessive hair growth. Vitamin E will block it!


Eat healthy and Workout:


Having a few extra pounds can lead to imbalanced hormones in women. Women with a higher BMI tend to have more testosterone in the body, which leads to increased hair growth in unwanted areas. As you lose weight you will begin to notice the hair growth slowing down.


Try Sugaring:


Sugaring will help remove hair from unwanted areas. Sugar is all natural and gentle. It, therefore, can be used on any part of the body including places people generally have unwanted hair such as the upper lip, chin, ears, and tummy. As an added bonus, each time you get sugared your hair comes back thinner and weaker. After multiple sessions, a follicle may stop producing hair altogether!


Talk to Your Doctor:


If you are experiencing abnormal levels of unwanted hair growth it is advised to make an appointment with your doctor. You likely have an imbalance of hormones and your doctor will be the best person to give you advice in this area.