The Lily Bar

Hello everyone, 

We’ve been blogging for a bit now, so we just wanted to tell everyone a little more about our sugaring salon, The Lily Bar


About The Lily Bar

The Lily Bar opened its doors in September of 2018. Our primary focus is on sugaring, and we specialize in both male and female brazilians. In combination with sugaring we also have another fantastic business operating inside our salon, Brow Fabulous Forever, which you can check out at our previous blog which we have linked!



Why Choose The Lily Bar

At The Lily Bar, we believe that personal hygiene and grooming give you a massive boost of confidence. While everyone prefers their hair a different way, whether it be trimmed, removed altogether, or even left to grow natural, we are here to give that boost of confidence to those who want it! Elena, our main sugarist has been sugaring for many years before she came to The Lily Bar. She has done so many brazilians she has lost count. 


At many places, waxing is just an extra service that they may offer when they are trying to fill up their time. Here at The Lily Bar, it is our main focus. We are highly skilled and highly experienced so you can feel confident that you are leaving your hair removal needs in the hands of an expert!



What We Stand For

The Lily Bar is about more than just a place where you can get your hair removed. We believe that The Lily Bar is an excellent place for people to meet other people with the same, health-conscious mindset. We believe in standing up for the environment, saying no to cruelty towards animals, and only using natural, non-toxic products. This is always at the front of our mind and all the products we use display this fact. 


Our professional body sugaring products are from SugarSMAC. SugarSMAC holds the same values as The Lily Bar. Their products are all non-toxic and biodegradable, never tested on animals, and only use natural, proven ingredients in their products. 


We also sell the Urban Juve line of skincare products. Check out our Urban Juve blog, and you will see, they also hold themselves to the same rigorous standards of quality as The Lily Bar. 


Lastly, we have a fantastic assortment of Tiber River products. These are all-natural, and again, exceed our expectations towards being eco-friendly and cruelty-free. 


The Lily Bar Sugaring

Here at The Lily Bar, we believe in the amazing benefits that sugaring brings to both men and women alike. We hope to one day very soon continue to bring these benefits to men and women in locations across BC. For now, come visit us at The Lily Bar in Langley for all your sugaring needs!


Interested in seeing the difference sugaring can make? Come try sugaring Langley! You can easily book an appointment online or find our contact information here!