What’s A Manzilian? (And Why Should You Get one?!)

This is for the men in the crowd! First off we would like to start by saying, we do a lot more manzilians then you might think! Many guys have realized the benefits of getting sugaring done as opposed to waxing. Read on, and we will explain what a manzilian is and why you should give it a try. 


What Is A Manzilian?


A manzilian is when the hair is removed from the entire pubic region of a man. This includes the upper pubic area down to the shaft, the sac, and all the way to the back to show off that hot a**! 



Does it hurt?

We aren’t going to lie to you, the first time you get a manzilian done is not going to be pleasant! However, this all depends on your pain tolerance, and how coarse your hair is. Each time you get sugared, it is going to hurt just a little bit less. Once you’ve become a sugaring veteran, it may stop hurting altogether as your hair gets thinner and less dense.


What are the benefits of a manzilian?

Getting a manzilian brings all the benefits of sugaring (link), as with any other sugaring service. On top of these benefits, a manzilian can also do the following.



Staying bare down there is more hygienic. Hair can trap all sorts of funky things, such as odors, dead skin cells, as well as sweat. If you don’t shower every day, these things can build up and leave a very unpleasant situation below the belt. Removing the hair from the equation doesn’t allow these things to stick around, leaving you to stay fresher for longer!


It Will Make Sex Better:

Up to 93 percent of women prefer a completely bare or neatly trimmed pubic region on their partners. Another fun fact, men who manscape, on average, report receiving more oral pleasure from their partners than those who don’t. If that’s not a compelling enough reason to try manzilian sugaring, I don’t know what will be!


Confidence Boost:

This is true for both men and women. Looking after your appearance increases confidence. This includes everything from hygiene to staying in good shape, but honestly, there is nothing as confidence boosting as a freshly sugared, clean, smooth pubic region!


Why Choose sugaring for your manzilian needs?

Sugaring is an excellent option for your manzilian needs, and The Lily Bar (link to main page) is even better! We specialize in brazilians and manzilians. In fact, these two services make up the majority of what we do. Most places offer sugaring and waxing as an additional service on the side. Here at The Lily Bar, sugaring is all we do! That means we are very well practised at it. 


Additionally, we have tons of knowledge and expertise in the field. In fact, Elena, our head sugarist, even educates new sugaring technicians! I don’t know about you, but when I have someone removing hair from my most sensitive regions, I want to be 100% sure that they know what they are doing!


Have we convinced you yet? If so, head on over to our booking site, and you can easily book yourself in to see us! If you’re not convinced yet, get in contact. We promise after one conversation with us, you will be convinced. Happy manscaping!