March 14, 2019
Shaving is by far the most popular form of hair removal due to the fact that it is cheap and extremely easy to learn. However, it isn’t as cheap as people think! In this blog, we are going to compare the pros and cons of both sugaring and shaving so you can decide which removal method is the best one to help you get beach ready!

March 09, 2019
Ladies, If you are going to a waxing salon, it is important to make sure you are going to a sanitary one with high health standards! Of course, we will always recommend sugaring, but if that isn’t an option for you, follow our tips below to help you find a reputable, sanitary, waxing salon!

March 02, 2019
You have have been looking for a salon that does sugaring and thought that you found it, only to get there and find that they are essentially just waxing. That’s because, as confusing as it might sound, sugaring and sugar waxing ARE NOT THE SAME THING! Read on and we will explain the difference between the two.

February 23, 2019
Ahh yes, the big question! The first thing that is on everyone’s mind when we profess our love of sugaring: does sugaring hurt? However, this question isn’t as simple to answer as you might think! There are a lot of factors involved! So read on to have your biggest sugaring questions answered.

February 16, 2019
Looking for Langley sugaring? Try Langley's newest boutique sugaring salon. Our sugarist has 15 years experience and is fast and gentle.

February 09, 2019
We are super excited to announce that Tasha of Brow Fabulous Forever (B.F.F.) is now offering microblading here at The Lily Bar! Here are just a few of Tasha’s many accomplishments.

February 01, 2019
Bikinis. Brazilians. Landing Strips. Bikini Plus. What does it all mean? We know salon terminology can be confusing if you've never heard of it before. In this article we will explain what each of these things mean, including the difference between a bikini vs. brazilian.

January 26, 2019
Many women wonder how being pregnant is going to affect their normal routines. As you grow bigger, hair removal gets harder to do yourself. So can you get sugared during this time? Read on to find out!

January 19, 2019
Ladies! I’m sure you’ve been told to exfoliate before, maybe you’ve brushed this statement off in the past, but girl, listen up! You NEED to exfoliate! Here’s why:

December 13, 2018
Hello everyone and welcome to our brand new blog! Since you are on our website you likely know we are a brand new company that specializes in sugaring hair removal. What you may not know is what sugaring is or why it is the best form of hair removal. Interested? Read on to find out!