Does Sugaring Hurt?


Ahh yes, the big question!  The first thing that is on everyone’s mind when we profess our love of sugaring: does sugaring hurt? However, this question isn’t as simple to answer as you might think! There are a lot of factors involved! So read on to have your biggest sugaring questions answered.


So, Does Sugaring Hurt?


Sorry to break it to you girl! Yes, sugaring does still hurt. But, hold on! It doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as you may think! There are certain factors that can make it hurt more and factors that make it hurt less. Also, it is undeniably less painful than waxing! But why?


Sugar Doesn’t Stick to the Skin


As a water-soluble paste, sugar will not stick to cells with a high water content, which means all living cells. That means the sugar only sticks to dead cells and your hair. This is unlike waxing, which does stick to the skin. This is why your skin can feel red and raw after a waxing appointment, but not after sugaring!


Sugar is Removed in the Direction of Growth.




When sugaring is done properly the hair will be removed in the direction of growth. This leads to less friction on the hair shaft as you are working with your body, not against it. Additionally, this fact makes your hair less prone to breakage!


Bonus: Not only does this technique lead to less pain during your appointment it will also lead to better results! Less breakage means you will have less ingrown hairs, as well as longer lasting results!


To keep the good news going, if you continually get sugaring done your hair growth will be further reduced over time. Each session damages your hair shaft, and eventually this hair shaft will collapse and stop producing hair all together!




Want to make your appointment as pain-free as possible? Here are some more tips on how to make your appointment even more painless!

Keep to a Schedule.


If you are waiting too long in between sugaring appointments then your hair will be longer than recommended and therefore will pull more when getting sugared. It is best to come in approximately every four weeks for optimal results and reduced pain. Keep in mind that every time you get sugared you are weakening the hair shaft. This leads to thinner hair and less dense re-growth. With continuous sugaring, your follicles will stop growing hair all together! This means each and every time you come in for your sugaring appointment it will be less painful than the last. Keep at it!


Plan Your Appointments Around Your Monthly Visitor!


We don’t mind if you come to get sugared while on your period. (No body shaming here!) However, be prepared that getting sugared while on your period may hurt more than usual due to your fluctuating hormones.


Prepare Before You Go In


Still worried sugaring will hurt too much? You can take an over the counter pain reliever such as Advil or Tylenol about a half an hour before your appointment. Or, you can do it in Lily Bar style and have a shot of something strong just before your appointment! ;)


After Care:


After your appointment, soothe the area with a nice toner and lotion. We use SugarSMAC products to soothe your skin post appointment, but these are available to take home as well.  The SugarSMAC lotion soothes and protects your skin, while preventing moisture loss, getting your skin back to normal in no time. This lotion also includes ingredients such as tea tree and chamomile which provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, while lavender and calendula soothe and heal, resulting in dramatically soft skin.


So there you have it! You no longer have to feel like you are prepping for battle when heading in for your brazilian! Switch to sugar, follow our suggested guidelines, and we guarantee you will get through your sugaring appointment just fine!