At LILYBAR your lily is as important to us as it is to you!  Lily’s are our specialty.  With thousands of Brazilian services done we have perfected our technique to give you the best possible experience, turning you into a LILYBAR (and Brazilian) addict!  

Cala Lily – Basic bikini - 35

Just enough off the sides for no peek-a-boos. Includes tummy up to belly button + inner thigh. 


White Lily – Bikini Plus - 50

Everything removed, but a two finger width of hair left all the way down.


Tiger Lily – Full Brazilian – Sweet Simplicity – 65 

Every hair removed, the front the back and everything in-between.  A strip can be left up top if so desired.


Guys, have you been waxing, trimming or shaving?  Your world is about to change!  You will be amazed with the results that you’ll get from sugaring.  Did you know that sugaring can also make your tattoos more vibrant and colorful?  Check out these prices and book today!!

 Clean and Fresh – Full Brozilian - 85

The front the back and everything in-between 


Speedo Clean up - 45
 Just enough off the sides and top so nothing
gets out of that speedo!


Hot Ass! – 50 
Smooth and clean backside
All hair removed on the butt cheeks to reveal that hot ass!!