Thinking of Waxing Langley?

So you likely just ended up on this blog post because you were googling waxing in Langley. Waxing, really?!?

OKay, we get it, as of writing this blog, waxing is still the most known form of hair removal. However, that is changing!

Waxing is quickly being replaced as more and more people learn about the amazing benefits that sugaring brings forward. So, hold off on booking that waxing appointment and hear what we have to say!


Waxing- Why Not?

There are a lot of benefits to waxing that you won't get from shaving, we can all agree on that! However, what if we told you there was a way to get all of these benefits and then even more? That's what sugaring does. You get all the benefits of waxing plus even more! Read on, and we will give you a comparison of both, so you can decide for yourself which one to choose!

Wax Can Be Unsanitary

Probably one of our biggest turn-offs when it comes to waxing is sanitation. Unfortunately, though this is mostly due to bad technique, double-dipping does happen in the waxing industry. Especially when doing the brazilian area, this is a considerable concern as skin conditions and even STIs can be spread this way. Sugaring, on the other hand, does not allow for this to happen. There is no sticks or stripes in the sugaring process, and there is nothing to be reused in the sugaring pot!

Wax Is Sticky!!!

You know that moment when you've just put your pants back on after a leg wax, and your skin gets stuck to your clothes? Or your freshly waxed underarm gets attached to your shirt? Or, you put your underwear back on after a brazilian, and it's basically plastered to your body? 


Yup, we don't miss though days! Sugar is water soluble, which means, even if some gets left on your body, it is super easy to wipe it off with a little bit of warm water.


Waxing Langley

Waxing Can Cause Hair Breakage Under The Skin

Wax is a resin, which means it can only sit on top of the skin. Sugar, however, seeps into the follicle, getting a tighter hold on the hair before it is removed. This leads to less breakage when you are sugaring as opposed to waxing. Additionally, the wax is removed against the direction of growth, while sugaring is removed in the direction of growth. This also leads to more breakage when waxing. 

Wax Is Hot!

Wax can be super hot! The thing is, it can be hard to keep wax at a consistent temperature when there are varying levels of product left in the waxing pot. If a waxing technician isn't careful, they can burn you, especially in areas where your skin is thin and more sensitive. (every burned your vagina getting a brazilian? I have, it's not fun!) 

Sugar paste is kept at room temperature. The thing is, to be hot enough to burn you, the sugaring paste would turn into a goopy, unusable liquid. Your sugarist wouldn't even be able to pick it up!

Have We Convinced You Yet?

If you are interested in trying out sugaring, we would love to show you the amazing benefits that sugaring will bring! If you still want to know more check out our blog page, where we answer every sugaring question under the sun! Our check out our blog on the benefits of sugaring. If you are ready, you can book your appointment online!

So what are you waiting for? It's time to give up waxing Langley and come see what sugaring is all about!