Reputable Waxing Salons: How do You Find Them?


Ladies, If you are going to a waxing salon, it is important to make sure you are going to a sanitary one with high health standards! Of course, we will always recommend sugaring, but if that isn’t an option for you, follow our tips below to help you find a reputable, sanitary, waxing salon.


Especially when it comes to waxing our Lily’s, we all need to make sure the salon has our safety as their top priority! There are multiple risks associated with waxing and multiple STIs have been linked to brazilian waxes. YIKES!


We want you to stay safe! That’s why we’ve made the following list of things to watch out for when looking for a reputable waxing salon.

1. Read reviews:

There are many places online where you can read reviews on the salon you are thinking of heading to. Common sense would dictate that the more positive reviews the salon has, the more likely they are to be putting their clients first, and therefore, your safety.


2. When you call the salon, make sure you quiz the receptionist on their sanitation policies:

SERIOUSLY, any good salon will have their receptionist updated and aware of the safety procedures that they follow. The biggest question to ask: What is their policy on double-dipping? I have personally worked in a salon where an esthetician would be fired immediately if caught double-dipping the waxing stick. This is the best case scenario. At the very least, confirm that they have a policy against it!





3. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the salon:

If you get whisked away to a dark room in the back of a hair salon and the room is cluttered and disorganized, please do yourself a favour and get out!


4. Once in the room:

You can get even more clues towards the cleanliness and sanitation. Some giveaways that should make you run straight out the door:

  • wooden sticks in the wax
  • wax all over the pot, floors or walls
  • lack of cleaning supplies
  • Dirty sheets
  • Rolling wax devices

Note: Rolling wax devices are extremely hard to clean. Since they are usually used in lower end waxing salons, I’m willing to bet they aren't being cleaned between clients. Please Avoid!


Some giveaways that they care about your health:

  • Disinfecting solution in the room (likely blue). If you don't see this in the room, then they are likely not sanitizing their tools between clients.
  • Displaying the salons waxing license
  • Displaying the estheticians waxing certificate

Note: There are salons where untrained estheticians are working. If you don't see her waxing certificate ask where she went to school. Esthetic schools teach proper sanitation etiquette that a self-taught waxer may not know. (or care to follow)


As a general rule, the cleaner the room is, the more trust you should place in the salon.





5. Allergies/Medication Questionnaire:

During your appointment, any reputable waxer will ask you a few questions, including any allergies, medications, and past reactions to wax you may have. If they don't ask you anything prior to your appointment, seriously consider whether or not you want to continue.


6. Double Dipping:

Lastly, and one of the most important things to watch out for: double dipping. If you catch your waxer double dipping, even once, put an immediate stop to the appointment, especially if in the bikini area. Multiple STIs have been linked to waxes including HPV, herpes, and molluscum contagiosum.



The absolute best way to protect yourself from the risks associated with waxing is to try a different form of hair removal. Our suggestion is obviously sugaring. Sugar is scooped out of the container and used on a single person by a gloved technician. The technician will use a single ball of sugar and, once finished, will remove her glove with the sugar and discard it. This means that there is zero chance of double-dipping and no chance of cross contamination!


Interested in learning more ways that sugar is better than waxing? Read our previous blog post comparing the two.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you put your safety first. Saving a few dollars is not worth taking the risk with your health! Stay safe ladies!