We are completely obsessed with it and we bet you will be too! So what on earth is sugaring?  It is as sweet and simple as it gets!  


Body Sugaring is a hair removal technique that dates back to ancient Egypt and uses only lemon, sugar and water.  Sugaring removes hair at the root, in the direction of growth. It exfoliates dead skin cells which results in less ingrown hairs and super smooth skin!  Our certified Sugarists are experts at providing a gentle one-of-a-kind experience that take pride in removing unwanted hair and will leave your skin oh so soft.  


The feeling is completely addictive and truly one of the sweetest discoveries you will ever make!


For all you Waxers out there, we get it, you just want to get rid of the hair, but lets take a look at some facts on wax!   It is made with resins, preservatives, and paraffins - yuck!  These ingredients are not water soluble and will adhere to both live and dead skin cells, resulting in a painful removal of live skin, and irritation. 

Wax is applied to the skin in the direction of growth, and removed in the opposite direction. This method causes the hair to break, leading to ingrown hairs and trauma to your hair follicle - ouch!

Come into LILYBAR and let us show you how amazing hair removal can be!

Why not feel glamorous and silky smooth all the time! Try SUGARING LANGLEY, we guarantee that you wont be able to stop touching your skin!