1. Shower up if possible, if your on the run.. don’t worry, we have fresh cleansing pads for you to feel squeaky clean! 


2. Hair should be 1/4″ of an inch to remove, the size of a rice grain


3. No lotion, deodorant, oil, or any other skin care products!


4. Make sure to visit our front desk and fill out our consent and information form


5. Try to stay out of the Sun the day before…. Sunburn skin is too sensitive to sugar




1. Skip your workout! Sweat can cause the open follicles to break out


2. Keep your skin clean for the next day…. avoid make-up, lotions, etc.


3. Avoid the activities under the sheets for 24hrs after your treatment


4. 48 hours after your sugaring, start to exfoliate the treated area


5. Stay out of the bath and hot tub for 24 hrs after sugaring